Vision and Mission

Calmmother is committed to helping first time and experienced parents achieve and maintain balance.

We aspire for mothers to be able to have time for themselves, enjoy quality time with their families and build successful careers if they choose to. Our goal is to help simplify the lives of mothers so they can focus on what matters most to them.

Learn about our story and the certified health and wellness care experts we are working with to bring you helpful tips and advice to benefit you and your family below.




Tereza is wife, Mother of two, bonus Mom of two, and a lawyer. She is dedicated to establishing a practical approach to help women seamlessly transition into motherhood and effectively handle the challenges associated with being a working Mom.

Tereza returned to work well rested three months after the birth of her first baby after using the Calmmother feeding and Sleep Program and used it again successfully with her second baby (success meaning uninterrupted night of sleep at 12 weeks for the family and little to no tears!). 
Tereza strives to maintain a sense of calm and inner peace, which involves an intricate work-life balance - fitting her legal career and contributions to Calmmother in with exercise (yoga, hiking or going to the gym), while focusing on spending quality time with loved ones. She delights in cuddling her daughters, baking, laughing, dancing and being outdoors with her family. She also enjoys travelling, watching rom-coms and stand-up comedy. For more about Tereza, read her posts.


Yolanda (Yoly) Fonda is a wife and mother of a one. She has been involved with Calmmother since the beginning. Yoly also founded CallaBell handcrafted jewelry, created with gemstones and charms to inspire your spirit and bring healing and positive energy to the wearer (see some of her designs here).

After retiring from years of dance, Yoly transitioned into the world of health and fitness, as a store manager for a technical athletic apparel company, a fitness instructor, and a certified yoga instructor. She continues to work in the healthcare industry since returning to work after maternity leave.

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Phyllis Oruclar is a wife and mother of three very loud boys. She has worked in the fashion industry for over 12 years and has a love for anything designed well. Our Pinterest and Polyvore pages contains her ideas for accessorizing a nursery and accenting your own personal style.

Phyllis joined Calmmother because she believes in reconciling her own personal goals with being a busy mother. She is a supporter of what it represents for women - simplifying your life to find balance so that you can pursue your hobbies, or work while still being a dedicated mother. Phyllis is also a personal advocate of our Feeding and Sleep Program, which she used to get her third child on a good sleep routine.

Phyllis enjoys trying new recipes and spending time with her family. She also likes being outdoors, reading a good novel, writing and window-shopping online. Phyllis brings a wealth of experience to Calmmother. Her dynamic and practical ideas are a breath of fresh air for mothers trying to maintain a sense of balance. Check out her posts.


Terri Dragatis is a wife, Mother of two and modern homemaker extraordinaire. Her diverse interests and ability to turn everything into a lighthearted lesson, not to mention her witty quips and great sense of humor, make her an invaluable member of our team.

Terri joined Calmmother because she believes that the information and other resources on the website will provide a quick, useful guide to support mothers throughout their parenting journey. She wishes that the Feeding and Sleep Program and other resources for new mothers were available when her children were babies.

For Terri, balance involves spending quality time with her family in and outdoors, cooking, camping and goofing around, getting out with friends or for a date with her husband now and again, and fitting in as much as exercise as she can. See her posts.




Dr. Pamela Smith, ND has a family practice at The Nest Family Wellness Centre which offers naturopathic and midwifery care in B.C. She combines science-based natural medicine with conventional medical therapeutics, and has Pharmacy Prescriptive Authority. 

Over the past decade, Dr. Pam has volunteered with a number of medical organizations throughout the world, in Eastern Europe, Central America, and in India at various Ayurveda and Medical Clinics. She is focused on living a balanced and preventative lifestyle and supporting her patients in doing the same. In her spare time, Dr. Pam enjoys being in the outdoors, including skiing, snowboarding and camping. She also likes to go for walks near the ocean or in the forest, hockey games, and relaxing with her husband.

Dr. Pam has made significant contributions to the Feeding and Sleep Program and has her own Ask Dr. Pam Q&A page. Also check out her practical and helpful tips for the whole family on health and wellness.  To find out more about Dr. Pam or to schedule an appointment, visit her website.


Michal Ofer is a lifestyle and wellness expert and nutrition coach. She is focused on assisting clients to take control of their health and happiness through the sustainable food and lifestyle choices that best support them. Through strengthening the body from the inside out, her clients are able to reach new heights of health, happiness and wellness. 

Michal obtained her Professional Training and Certificate from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. She has a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Functional Practitioner Certification and is a Certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach. Michal also has a Bachelor's Degree in Science and a Master Life Coach Certification. 

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Check out Michal's tips and ideas on lifestyle, wellness and nutrition.


Dr. Beverly Huang, ND is a founder of the Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine Health Clinic. She has a general family practice, with special interests in women’s health, pediatric care, digestive health and mood disorders, including depression and anxiety. To help her patients receive the most optimal health care, she is happy to work with your current health care providers. 

To find out more about Dr. Beverly or to schedule an appointment, visit her website

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