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I have been so tired since getting pregnant and I love my morning coffee, is coffee safe to drink during pregnancy?

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Because of the controversy and potential risks associated with caffeine intake during pregnancy, I like to be on the safe side, especially during the first trimester, and recommend my pregnant patient’s avoid caffeine all together. But as a fellow coffee drinker, I completely understand! So if this is not possible, consult with your healthcare provider about what is an appropriate amount for you. Studies suggest women should limit caffeine consumption to less than 200 mg per day immediately before and during pregnancy as a precautionary measure. To put 200 mg in perspective, a Starbucks tall (12 oz) drip coffee contains roughly 260 mg of caffeine. The Centre for Science posted this great resource showing the caffeine content in certain drinks and foods that might surprise you.

Keep in mind there are many different reasons why you may feel tired during your pregnancy so it is important to meet with your healthcare provider to identify the cause of the fatigue. Changing to a professional quality pre-natal vitamin might make a difference so have a conversation about finding one that is appropriate for you.

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