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Dr. Pam has a family practice at The Nest Family Wellness Centre which offers naturopathic and midwifery care. She combines science-based natural medicine with conventional medical therapeutics. Learn more about Dr. Pam and the services offered by her clinic here, or book an appointment at www.drpamelasmith.com.

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Ask Dr Pam   

What cravings are potentially harmful during pregnancy and when should I go to my doctor?

During pregnancy, some women find themselves craving certain foods that they would not normally crave. This blog goes into detail about common food cravings and what they can mean in pregnancy. The term pica is used to describe the craving and compulsive consumption of non-food substances for greater than one month (2010 Annu. Rev. Nutrition). Refer to this Q&A for more about pica related cravings, including the possible causes and health risks associated with it.

Inform your healthcare provider if you are craving or consuming a non-food substance or something that you or others find strange. It's not a bad idea to discuss the food cravings you are experiencing during pregnancy with your healthcare provider.