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Dr. Pam has a family practice at The Nest Family Wellness Centre which offers naturopathic and midwifery care. She combines science-based natural medicine with conventional medical therapeutics. Learn more about Dr. Pam and the services offered by her clinic here, or book an appointment at www.drpamelasmith.com.

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Ask Dr Pam   

Why is my newborn baby’s poop black?

Many new parents may not realize that the greenish black tarry looking stool is actually normal. It is called meconium and usually is only present for the first 1-2 days of life. Your baby’s stool will then transition from meconium by days 3-7 and is usually green or yellow as their intestinal system gets used to the digestive process. The next few days their poop will remain a yellow seedy colour and your baby should be having 3-5 poops per day. After 5 weeks, their movements will become less frequent but will be larger. These guidelines are for both breastfed and formula fed babies. If your baby is having less frequent bowel movements then this, it is most likely normal; however, have a conversation with your healthcare provider. 

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