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Dr. Pam has a family practice at The Nest Family Wellness Centre which offers naturopathic and midwifery care. She combines science-based natural medicine with conventional medical therapeutics. Learn more about Dr. Pam and the services offered by her clinic here, or book an appointment at www.drpamelasmith.com.

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Ask Dr Pam   

What are the circumstances that would require me to have a C-section?

Certain complications during birth may require the need for a Caesarean delivery. This may include: fetal distress, health problems with mother, cervical dystocia (cervix fails to dilate), or undesirable positioning of the baby. Your healthcare provider may suggest that you schedule a planned C-section if the placenta is covering the cervical opening, known as placenta previa. Other reasons for a planned Caesarean include multiples (i.e., twins), severe preeclampsia, or a breeched baby. A subsequent birth to a C-section delivery may also require a C-section especially if there is a lack of medical emergency support in your community, if your previous C-section was a vertical incision (which increases risk of uterine rupture), or if you had two consecutive Caesarean deliveries and no vaginal deliveries. For the majority of women it is possible to have a vaginal deliver following a C-section delivery, this is termed VBAC - vaginal birth after caesarean.

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