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When can I start exercising after my C-section?

Moving your body after a Caesarean delivery is very important for healing but only do so under the supervision of your doctor. While in the hospital, you may be encouraged to practice deep breathing or coughing to keep your lungs clear. This is essentially a mild workout for your body after the surgery you just had. It is also a good idea to try wiggling your toes a few times a day to help improve circulation especially while still in the hospital. Short walks may be encouraged right away to decrease your chances of developing a blood clot – do your best and always check in with your nurse or doctor before exerting yourself too much, especially while still in the hospital!

It may take up to ten weeks before your abdominal muscles can handle any exercises. A full recovery can take up to six months so be gentle with yourself and as always check in with your healthcare provider to determine when is appropriate for you to increase your activity level. 

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