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Ask Dr Pam   

Aside from cramps, what symptoms should I expect to experience when I get my period?


There are many symptoms associated with each of the different categories of PMS symptoms, not only cramps. PMS is often broken down into groups:

  • PMS – A → Anxiety (most common)

    • Anxiety, anger, irritability, emotional instability, cramps

  • PMS – C → Cravings

    • Increased appetite, carb cravings, headache, fatigue, fainting, heart palpitations

  • PMS – D → Depression

    • Crying, confusion, insomnia

  • PMS – H → Hyperhydration

    • Weight gain (1-1.5kg), abdominal bloating, breast tenderness, congestion, edema (swelling), changes in bowel habits

It is common for women to experience any combination of these symptoms. For more about the causes, prevention and treatment of PMS, read this post.