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How can I prevent motion sickness?


Traveling by car, boat, or plane can be very debilitating for some adults and children. I know first-hand how awful it can feel as I used to be very affected by motion sickness; it is no fun for the person or the other passengers. While some people are affected no matter what you do, the strategies below can reduce the severity dramatically. 

  • Ginger – the anti-nausea miracle herb! It can be ingested in many forms such as candies, tea, or as a “natural gravol” sold in most pharmacies. Try to have ginger in some form 30 minutes prior to your trip.
  • Sea bands can be quite helpful. They are bands worn at the wrist with a plastic piece that sits on the acupuncture point PC6 (located in the centre of the anterior forearm three fingers from the wrist crease). If you do not have access to the bands you can simply press into this area yourself.
  • Other tips: 
    • Get comfortable by loosen tight clothing and make sure you have the window open for some fresh air
    • Discourage reading or use of video games while in the vehicle
    • Avoid large heavy meals prior to your trip
    • Make sure you are hydrated. For more about staying hydrated while travelling, visit this post.

Personally, I found that having a Body Code session around motion sickness helped me overcome motion sickness permanently. The practitioner released trapped emotions that were causing me to feel sick every time I tried to look anywhere but the road while in a moving vehicle! That was two years ago and I have not experienced motion sickness when travelling since.

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