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Ask Dr Pam   

What is the maximum my child should spend in front of a screen (TV and other electronics)?

As a general rule, it is suggested that screen time should be reduced to less than 1-2 hours per day. Children in the U.S. watch an average of four hours of TV per day.* Watching TV or playing video games for extended periods like this not only encourages sedation but also can lead to an increase in unnecessary snacking. Reducing screen time will also limit your child’s exposure to well placed advertisements for high calorie, low nutrient foods and beverages. 

For other health reasons, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises infants under two should avoid all types of television and over two should not be exposed more than two hours per day. Click this link to come up with a family plan around how much TV is being watched in your household.  
For information about childhood obesity and tips for preventing it, read this post.

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