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How can I avoid my baby having excess gas?

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There could be a few reasons why your baby is experiencing gas (see this post).

Always ensure that your baby is well-burped during and after feeding. There are also baby bottles that are clinically designed to reduce colic and gas. Tummy rubs and moving their legs up into their abdomen can also be helpful.

You may also find it helpful to avoiding certain foods that are known to cause gas or discomfort for your baby, including high allergen foods that can cause reactions such as rashes. These may include beans, spicy foods, dairy products, citrus fruits, tomatoes, eggs, wheat, fish, soy and peanut products.

There are many good quality infant probiotics on the market that can help settle an upset stomach which also provide many further health benefits (find out more here). Consult with your healthcare provider prior to giving your infant anything by mouth to help with gas; especially if they are under six months of age.

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