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What homeopathics are helpful to prevent morning sickness?

There are many remedies that can be helpful to quickly reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Homeopathics work by matching your symptoms to a specific remedy. Working with someone well versed in homeopathic medicine will help you find the best remedy (for example, 3 pellets of the following as needed of 6X or 30CH potency):

Nux Vomica (also known as collubrina): appropriately named to help prevent vomiting and ease an upset stomach, known as the hangover remedy ☺. Choose Nux if you are nauseated all day and the thought of vomiting would make you feel better. Also use if the sight or thought of certain foods causes symptoms

Sepia: can be a beneficial remedy for many concerns during pregnancy. It can be useful if there is a sensation of a ball in the abdomen and if constipated

Argentum Nitricum: when feelings of anxious and agitation accompany nausea and vomiting, stomach may also be distended and noisy (gurgling noises) 

Kalium Bichromicum: recommended for those who have a burning sensation in their stomach with nausea and a heaviness after meals

Arsenicum album: for those with burning pains and cravings for cold water. Also when one cannot bear the smell or sight of certain foods and when symptoms are worse in the middle of the night.

Always consult your healthcare provider prior to taking any homeopathic. 

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