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What vitamins should I take before I get pregnant?

Most people do not realize it is ideal to start supplementing with a minimum 400mcg of the active form folate (5MTHF) three to four months BEFORE you get pregnant. Folic acid important for preventing neurological issues in children. Choosing a good quality prenatal should also provide a base line for obtaining the necessary micronutrients. Consuming good quality fish 1-2 times per week is also a healthy addition to a balanced diet and has been shown to decrease your future child’s risk of asthma and eczema.* I often recommend 1-3 grams of fish oil daily from a reputable company as a safer way to obtain these important omega’s. 

*Romieu, et al., Maternal fish intake during pregnancy and atopy and asthma in infancy, 2007:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17430348

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