A new approach to change in the New Year

New Year's resolutions have never been my thing. The pressure we put on ourselves to commit to change at the beginning of each year can be exhausting! And putting extra weight on our shoulders seems completely at odds with the whole idea of starting fresh especially after a busy holiday season.
In my search for an alternative to New Year's resolutions, I've had the pleasure of meeting business and life coach Jackie Dumaine. Jackie's straightforward approach to welcoming the New Year encourages people to transition toward living more satisfying lives. She suggests that autumn is a great season to start thinking about making changes for the upcoming year but you can start at any time.
1.  Select two words (or a theme or intention) that resonate with you. My two words for the New Year are simplicity and happiness
2.  During the next year if what is in your life is not consistent with those two words (or your theme or intention) then it needs to go. This means that if something or someone is not facilitating simplicity or happiness in my life then I will need to phase it out. I already know that simplifying my life will involve getting rid of a few unnecessary material possessions. It will also require me to let go of any negative thoughts, energy and other things that weigh me down or make me feel out of balance.
This method is a gentle way to inspire positive change in your life regardless of whether you have a specific goal in mind. And you can modify it benefit you - it appreciates that we are all a work in progress. Please share your experiences bringing in the New Year using this method with us.

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About Jackie Dumaine
In 2010, Jackie left a successful career in advertising and media to go to an ashram in India to study yoga and meditation, and has not looked back. She is a Mother, yoga teacher, writer, speaker, workshop and retreat facilitator, life coach and business coach. She is also the creator of The Yoga Code™, a blueprint for creating a life with less drama and more peace (without a mat, or black stretchy pants!). For more about Jackie or to schedule an appointment, visit her website.