Redefining "having it all"

A wise woman once told me, what you judge you become - interesting thought to ponder but sort of deep for a Sunday morning, right? Let's talk about it anyway... next week's blog will be much lighter, I promise!

The article The No-Baby Boom in this week's Macleans magazine addresses the apparent trend for women not to have children, and their reasons. I may be missing the point of the article completely, but I think there are two important things to take away from it. First, Jennifer Aniston's uterus is not news (either way, I'm so over hearing about it - I wonder if she is?). Second, articles like this perpetuate the division rather than unification of women, which does not benefit us, or our children. 

To think that a woman who does not have a child is any less of a woman or less valuable than one who does is simply misguided, irrelevant, and borderline ridiculous. And, while we are being distracted by discussions about whether or not (celebrity or not) women who have children are better than those who don't, or whether stay at home moms are more noble than those who have careers, our male counterparts are focused on business as usual. Perhaps we should begin shifting our focus away from discussions about the stigmas associated with not having children, and make a concerted effort toward transcending these stigmas and redefining "having it all" in more appropriate terms.