Introducing Phyllis

Hi, I’m Phyllis, a mother to three very adorable and very loud boys. They are all under the age of six, two of which are under two, only 15 months apart (yes, you can still get pregnant while you're breastfeeding!).
I have a love for fashion and anything that is designed well. I have worked in the fashion industry for over 12 years, and have styled for a local magazine and Dress for Success Calgary. I also love trying to cook new meals for my family and spending time with my three boys and one husband. On my off time, I enjoy being outdoors, reading a good novel, writing and window-shopping online.

I joined Calmmother because I like the idea of being able to pursue my own personal goals with being a busy mother. I believe it is a good fit for me in terms of a forum to write about my own experiences as a mother, the good, the funny and the not so good, and share them with others. I also support what Calmmother represents for women - simplifying your life to find balance so that you can pursue your hobbies, or work while still being a mother. 

I am also a personal advocate for the Calmmother Feeding and Sleep Program. After trying many sleep training methods with my second child and none of them working, I knew I could not risk any more sleepless nights with my third. The program allowed me to get my third child on a good sleep routine, giving me more time to spend with my other two children. It also allowed me to get some much-needed rest of my own!

For more about me, check out my bio on the About page. Find my fashion tips here.