Dr. Pam joining the Calmmother team

Hello Calm Mothers or soon to be Calm Mothers! 

Over the past 5 years I have observed how the sleeping and feeding program has successfully helped families get more sleep for themselves while watching healthy, happy, and well-adjusted babies grow into healthy, creative, and caring toddlers and eventually school age children. 

Through my work as a naturopathic physician, I found my passion working with families. In my experience, at the clinic in Vancouver, Canada, and during my work overseas in Europe, Central America and India, I observed all mothers, regardless of country, culture or race, share the same love and concern for their children. I love educating parents on ways to optimize their family’s health in ways that do not have to be stressful or time consuming.

I have a family medical practice assisting mothers or soon to be mothers (and fathers) of all ages and stages of life. I decided to join the Calmmother team because of the benefits I have observed from the sleeping and feeding program. The program and website allow me to help more people than those I can only meet personally. Please see the Ask Dr Pam section on this website for answers to questions you or a family member maybe experiencing. My goal is to assist people on their journey to optimal health at whatever stage they are in.

I am so honoured and excited to be part of the Calmmother team!

Yours in Health, 

Dr. Pam