Holiday style

With the holidays around the corner, dressing up for work functions, dinner parties and ringing in the New Year will be top of mind. But looking for the perfect outfit for a special event can be stressful! Whether you're expecting this season or not, here are our top 3 tips to help you look and feel your best for the occasion.

1.     Integrate new textures and colour into your wardrobe.

The little black dress is always a timeless classic and a reliable choice for fancy events but why not add colour into your holiday wardrobe. The trendy colours this season are grey, navy, burgundy, moss greens, classic reds, stark whites and soft creams.

Holiday parties are also a great time to try new textures. Patterns, metallics, lace, leather, and velvet are just some of the fabrics that are popular this season.

2.     Add some sparkle and shine.

The easiest way to incorporate this into your outfit is through accessories. Going big with accessories is a good option especially if you feel limited to what you can wear during pregnancy. Accessories are also a great way to add some pizazz to an otherwise boring dress.

If you have an outfit that already has a lot going on (like sequins or a busy pattern) then keep everything else simple like solid colored shoes or simple accessories. But if you have a monochromatic outfit on don’t be afraid to add color, sparkle or shine. Remember, the key is about balance.

3.     Accentuate your figure!

Sometimes what you wear underneath your outfit is equally as important as what you wear on the outside. There are many amazing new innovative shape wear pieces that can help conceal those areas that you may feel self-conscious about. See this post for some tips.

For those who are pregnant, there are many great dress shapes that can flatter your figure. Billowing dresses are great in the early stages of pregnancy as they can accommodate your growing belly and can hide any lumps or bumps that you may not be comfortable with.

Don’t be afraid to show off your bump when you're pregnant. Wearing a dress that is loose to hide your growing belly may just make your look bigger – embrace your new figure and go for something more fitted. Check out the looks below for some ideas.

If your feet can take it, heels are a great way to instantly dress up any outfit and can elongate your figure whether you are pregnant or not.

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