Ringing in the New Year with Intention

Once more, I've decided to take the advice of business and life coach Jackie Dumaine this year and pick a few words (my theme or intention) that resonate with me for 2016. I find this approach to be a more relaxed and less pressure-driven way to making positive changes in my life compared to setting a New Year's resolution.

Here are my intentions for 2016 in light of Jackie's two step approach to facilitating change in your life -- as discussed in my post last year you can start at any time of the year. I'd love to hear about your intentions for the year so please share your comments below!

1.     Select two words or a theme or intention that resonates with you. 

My theme for this year is balance, which is much easier said than done living in an age of epic multitasking. 

For me, the concept of positive energy is an integral part of this theme. I believe we're responsible for the energy we bring into a room (articulated by Jill Bolte) and what we manifest or bring into our lives (as discussed in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne). Equally important, accepting that sometimes being out of balance is a healthy place to be in the overall process of achieving balance (learn more about this from Jackie at The River Cottage through this link).

2.     During the next year if what is in your life is not consistent with those two words (or your theme or intention) then it needs to go. 

This is the hard part! For me it means that if something or someone is not helping to facilitate balance in my life then I will need to phase it out. This requires I to let go of any negative thoughts, energy and things that weigh me down or make me feel out of balance.

Patience with myself and others is important to helping achieve this goal and recognizing I need to be mindful of this. In recent years I've tended to prefer yoga as exercise and often practice three to five times a week. It helps keep me more calm and level-headed when juggling life as a single mother of two children and working full time. I recently purchased an unlimited pass at one of my favourite yoga studios and intend to continue the practice both on and off the mat this year. This is not a goal change, this is a lifestyle choice.
This method is a gentle way to inspire positive change in your life regardless of whether you have a specific goal in mind or have made the choice to live a different life, and it appreciates that we are all a work in progress! 

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About Jackie Dumaine:
In 2010 Jackie left a successful career in advertising and media to go to an ashram in India to study yoga and meditation, and has not looked back. She is a Mother, yoga teacher, writer, speaker, workshop and retreat facilitator, life coach and business coach. She is also the creator of The Yoga Code™, a blueprint for creating a life with less drama and more peace (without a mat, or black stretchy pants!). For more about Jackie or to schedule an appointment, visit her website.