Dressing your bump in this spring's trends

A girlfriend of mine who is pregnant recently expressed her frustration about not being able to wear the new trends this spring. It can be disappointing to walk into stores and see all the exciting new items thinking you won’t be able to wear them, but with some creativity and an open mind you can!

You may choose to pass on some of the upcoming trends for now but many can easily be incorporated into your daily bump wear as shown in these sets. Items to watch for this season that can easily be worn while pregnant are shirt dresses, jacket vests, ponchos and trendy sneakers. And yes, fringe, chunky jewelry and slides are still in -- all great looks to piece outfits together with -- mix and match with what you already have.  See the sets below for some ideas...

If you prefer to stick to the basics or are not sure about trying certain upcoming trends there are always new colors and accessories to add into your wardrobe. Peach, light green and other pastels have been popular choices for many designers in their spring lines, which can subtly brighten up any ensemble. Any boring outfit can be quickly transformed into something interesting by adding this season’s geometric cuff bracelets.

As for footwear, you can wear almost any of the new spring trends (including heels) as long as your feet are willing to let you!