Iconic Celebrity Mothers

I have always loved fashion, even as a child. Creativity came easily for me as it does for most children and I remember playing dress up endlessly with my dolls, changing them into numerous outfits in a day. Before I had kids it was easy to throw a stylish outfit together that I felt confident in. After becoming a new mother, there were big changes in my life and even more big changes in my body!
I did not want to lose my sense of style when I had children but found myself slowly starting to lose the awareness for what looked good (or not) after I had my first child. I was no longer immersed in the fashion industry, the source of many of my fashion inspirations. And I naturally got caught up in all the joys of being a new mother, and style and fashion were put on the back burner.
There is a lot to be said for feeling comfortable and confident in the clothes you wear. As a new mom I became less inspired in what I was wearing and started to run around in the dreaded "mom outfits". You know, the clothes that don’t make us feel good because they don't fit right or accentuate our unique individual features -- the outfit you hope you would never get caught wearing in a picture.
In my search for something that would get me excited about fashion again as a busy mom, I stumbled upon pictures of iconic celebrity mothers. These women have (or had) such a unique sense of style! Sure, most of them probably have a team of stylists working with them but my point is that there is something in those pictures that motivates me to want to add a bit of flare in my life every day.
After having three children, I have finally come to realize that when I feel good about myself, I am a much happier person and my kids are also happier. I am not saying that I don’t have days where I am running around in sweatpants and my favorite grey tee; I actually have those days more than I would like. But it’s also important for me to get excited to dress up for a special occasion (or just because) and to be inspired and feel good about what I am wearing.

If you want to be excited and feel good about getting dressed each day, figure out what gets your creative juices going. The place to find that inspiration will be different for everyone because of our various comfort zones and senses of style. For some, getting ideas may mean looking through fashion magazines, social media or the internet, browsing the stores at your local mall, or from your friends or family. Other sources may include your physical environment, the city you live in and the people that live there.

I would like to share with you each month or so the look of an inspirational iconic mother. Whether it’s the era, colors of the pieces or the accessories and makeup styles used, I hope that you will enjoy these posts as much as I do… and that it will serve as an inspiration for you on days when you're in a slump and thinking about what to wear…

Stay tuned for my post featuring iconic celebrity mother Jerry Hall.