Postnatal shapewear


Having a baby can be one of the most wonderful moments in your life and also the busiest. With all the feedings, laundry, diaper changing, cleaning and other responsibilities, thinking about putting together a sexy outfit is often the last thing on your mind.

It can also be hard to adjust to your post baby body. After having my first, I was a bit surprised and disappointed that my stomach didn't immediately go back to its pre pregnancy shape. But undergarments, or shapewear as it's now called, can go a long way in helping you feel and look better in your clothes postnatal. These garments are not what your mother used to wear! 

There are a number of great options for those interested in saying goodbye to unwanted lumps and bumps postpartum. Some of my favorites that can be worn under most clothing are (this is not paid advertising!):

1. The Belly Bandit – More a waist trainer then shapewear but can still be worn underneath some sweaters in the fall or winter. To be worn at least a few hours a day, and really helps in getting your uterus to contract back into its pre pregnancy form.
2. Hourglass Angel waist training corset – A corset that can be worn a few hours a day or longer to help train your waist back into shape. Corsets have been popular among celebs like Jessica Alba to help get their tummies back after having a baby.
3. Lilly’s Curve Postpartum body shaper – The ultimate body shaper as it smooths everything from your tummy, thighs and backside.
4. Miracle Body jeggings – This one isn’t shapewear but Miracle Body makes some really good postnatal jeggings as they have a built in panel underneath their jeggings and jeans that help flatten the tummy. Also, pockets are sewn down so that they don’t add that extra bulk around your midsection.
5. Sassybax Armed and Dangerous Top – Good for those jiggly arms you may experience after having a baby. This is totally seamless and can be worn underneath most sheer T-shirts.
6. Skinnygirls Shapewear slip – A great option if you are going to be wearing a skirt. Also the pretty lace and seamless fabric makes it feel sexy (not like your wearing one of your mother’s old slips!).