Embracing change in the New Year


I prefer themes or intentions to New Year's resolutions and started thinking about positive changes to make in my life as the seasons changed last autumn... but it has taken me until now to pick a new theme or intention. 

The delay may have been because I was exhausted in the fall, struggling to maintain a sense of work-life balance (ironically, my theme for 2016). Or maybe due to my desire to hit pause and just be in the moment for once. I've mistakenly perceiving change as being negative, out of my control and unwelcome -- either way, there's nothing quite like finding a silver lining even after experiencing unsettling change -- and it's about time I embraced it!

When it comes to life and love, change has been one of the only constants for me. Moving away from the comforts of home in my early twenties to put myself through university. Taking a year off of university to teach English overseas before becoming a lawyer. Losing my job at a law firm during an economic downturn only to be offered a legal counsel position for a great company. Getting married and becoming a Mother to two amazing little girls. Supporting my then-husband through a Master's program and successful fight against cancer before we consciously uncoupled and became supportive co-parents. Accepting and falling in love with myself in my mid-thirties, around the time this picture was taken. More recently, meeting and building a life with a wonderful man.

Focal points for change in 2017 will include setting priorities and boundaries that work for me and my family. This can be difficult to do with a busy career and balancing interests with your partner's and other loved ones especially where children and ex's are concerned. It's almost impossible to make everyone happy all of the time. Love, patience and mindfulness will be important this year.
Selecting a themes or intentions rather than a New Year's resolution is a gentle way to inspire positive change in your life regardless of whether you have a specific goal in mind or have made the choice to live a different life, and it appreciates that we are all a work in progress! You can read more about it in the links below. 

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