Numbers do not define you


You are not the size of your jeans.

You are not the number of calories you eat each day.

You are not the percentage of body fat you carry at any given time.

You are not the three digit figure you see on your bathroom scale.

You are not the circumference of your waist, butt or thighs.

You are not the weight on the barbell you pull off the ground or the dumbbell you lift overhead.

You ARE perfect, whole and complete as a human being.

Why do we allow inanimate objects to define our value and self-worth on this planet, reducing our opinion of ourselves down to the three digits on a piece of technology? Why do we allow a small needle or minuscule numbers to dictate our value? 

In reality, the scale has little credence.

You were not born and named 4 pound 8 ounce Jane. You are not referenced by your weight in your relationships. You do not say: this is my beautiful 165 pound partner.

Do not identify yourself with a superficial number displayed on a worthless object designed to create doubt, shame and guilt, rather than love, acceptance and joy.

A number on the scale cannot physically represent health, dedication, hard work or determination. Nor can the number on the scale represent the amount of blood, sweat and tears you have poured out today, this week, this month or this year. There is no way it can determine how you loved, helped, supported, laughed, cried and lived.

Our society has become very adept at using three little numbers to create an ideal, misguided and often imagined and unrealistic image of perfection which can leave us feeling inadequate. I am here to say you are ENOUGH! Your determination of worthiness runs much deeper than a two dimensional airbrushed, photo shopped image or a digital number that simply proves the existence of gravity and the earth's downward pull.

Your beauty and strength are not defined by numbers. Life truly begins when you realize this truth. And when this occurs you become truly free to be the most authentic, powerful, fulfilled version of you.

Consider trying non-scale related feedback. Stand in front of the mirror and begin to tell yourself how much of a driven, dedicated, focused, amazing parent, spouse, friend, lover, human you are.

If you need to measure, begin by asking yourself how you feel...

Do you feel strong and healthy?

Do you feel better than ever?

Do you have more energy?

Are you performing well in the areas of your life that matter to you? Focusing on your actions, what you do every day, what you have and are achieving is the only way to produce results.

Are you eating well?

Are you exercising or training consistently?

Are your actions aligned with your goals?

If you feel like you are lacking in one of these areas, you and you alone have the power to change it.

If you do not feel energetic, focus on drinking more water and getting more sleep, then measure these again tomorrow.

If you are not eating well, make a change, recommit, do something different and positive today, then measure again tomorrow.

Reflect! Are you making progress towards your goal? If you are, what are you doing that is creating this shift? If not, why?

Only you have the power to make a change. Shift now, do it today. There is no time to waste or procrastinate.

Avoid putting off your life and waiting for other people to fix what you are dissatisfied with for you. It will never happen (because that is subconscious avoidance which keeps you stuck).

Stand up, dig in and fight for your life; it is a true blessing and too short to waste.

Train for life, not a number on the scale. Do this because your heath is important, because you deserve to live a fulfilled, wonderful life. Do this because you are worth it.

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