Perineal Healing Brew 

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After childbirth, it can be difficult to sit let alone wipe down there (or, needless to say, have sex)! We asked Dr. Beverly Huang, ND for a few ideas to help make things more comfortable while supporting an expedited healing process. 

Dr. Beverly suggests this topical healing brew tea for cooling, cleansing and soothing the perineum after childbirth: "Pour the tea into squeeze bottle to use after each urination to cleanse and sooth the perineum. It will keep for two days on the back of the toilet. This tea can also be frozen in a peri bottle and used as it thaws out after the birth as a cooling spray on the perineum."

You can pick up the ingredients at your local natural health store and pour it into the peri bottle you get from the hospital after delivery.  

1.    Combine and steep these ingredients in a litre of boiling water for 30 minutes:

2 parts comfrey
2 parts calendula petals
1 part nettles
1 part shepherds purse leaf

2.    Add a tbsp of Vitamin E oil to the steeped tea

3.    Pour tea into a squeeze bottle (to keep in the bathroom) or peri bottle (to freeze). 

Also check out Dr. Beverly's Healing Herb Padsicle recipe and Mommy and Baby Bath Recipe for perineal healing.

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