Perineal Healing Herb Padsicles


Cold therapy can help to soothe the pain, bruising and irritation you experience after childbirth. Using perineal healing herbs on frozen maxi pads can speed up the healing process significantly. We asked Dr. Beverly Huang, ND about it. 

According to Dr. Beverly, "using Calendula tincture and Hypericum oil promotes tissue healing after childbirth". She suggests using these healing herb padsicles:

1. Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper

2. Mix a little water and Calendula tincture in a small bowl or spray bottle and dab or spray onto a maxi pad

3. Place the maxi pads on the cookie sheet and keep in freezer until use

4. Use Hypericum oil mixed with a little carrier oil directly on perineal tears

5. Use as needed. 

These botanicals promote tissue healing of the perineum after childbirth. I sometimes found it quicker and easier to mix the Calendula tincture and Hypericum oil in a spray bottle with water, shaking very well before spraying on each pad.

Also check out Dr. Beverly's topical perineum Healing Brew and Mommy and Baby bath recipe for perineal healing.

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