Benefits of the timeout bubble as a discipline technique


It’s remarkable how different types of discipline are effective for one child or age group and not another. Like most toddlers and preschoolers, my daughters tested boundaries when given the chance.

In my experience, naughty behaviour is more common when children are hyper (like on a sugar high) or hungry or tired (sleepy or crashing from a sugar high) which are things that can be monitored most of the time. Inappropriate behaviour can also be caused by things like the desire for attention, not thinking before acting, and of course, curiosity and mischievousness. There can be a fine line between teaching, disciplining and breaking their spirit! 

As discussed in the vlog below, the timeout bubble worked like a charm for me almost every time with my daughters from the time they were toddlers to Kindergarten. As they've gotten older, family discussions and taking things away tends to be more a more effective way of curbing unacceptable behaviour. For more about effective discipline for children who are school aged beyond read this post.

Please share your ideas and experiences with disciplining children below!