Mother's survival guide for your first year post partum


With the help of Dr. Pamela Smith, ND, I have been working on the Mother's survival guide for a number of years. Since the birth of my second baby five years ago, to be exact.   

This particular page is near and dear to my heart for a few reasons. I've recently had a few candid conversations with my girlfriends who are new Mom's. We've talked about everything from sleep deprivation and postpartum depression to sex and juggling/balancing successful careers. I went back to work as a lawyer soon after having my first baby (read my story here), and am convinced that the world would be a better place if we helped women bounce back as quickly as possible after having a baby.

Motherhood throws you for a bit of a loop because you quickly realize that pregnancy was pretty much the easy part! I was surprised by many things, like your stomach not immediately going to back its normal size right away after having a baby, that your body does't produce breastmilk right away so you should always have a supply of formula on-hand just in case, and how completely and utterly exhausting it is to care for a newborn baby especially if you have other responsibilities. The list goes on...

Everyone is so focussed on your new baby that your needs as a new Mother are sometimes an afterthought. But in the same way that you are encouraged to put on your own oxygen mask first on an airplane, before helping others, if you take care of yourself you will be in a much better position to care for your baby and the rest of your family. Be honest, you won't be any help to anyone if you are unable to function. Don't be afraid to admit that it's too much to handle on your own and that you need extra support from your friends and family.  

We encourage all pregnant women to reference our Mothers survival guide page to help prepare for life with a newborn. It is also a great reference for Mothers after they've had a baby. 

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