This years mantra


I like to start thinking about positive changes to make in my life as autumn approaches each year. Selecting a word, theme or intention that resonates with me. During the next year, if what is in my life is not consistent with the word, theme or intention then it needs to be phased out.

Easier said than done, especially if you have no interest in focussing to change anything. Let’s just be sometimes, right?!

Looking back on my previous live with intention posts, my words, themes and intentions have ranged from simplicity and happiness to balance, and most recently, embracing change and living in harmony.

With family and work responsibilities this past year, personal reflection took a back seat until now. After years of living in a revolving door of change, loving life with my partner and our blended family, and a recent promotion at work, I really would’t change a thing (except maybe a few wrinkles and grey hairs!). But that’s part of why it’s a good time to reassess values, goals, and life, generally.

This picture was taken while on vacation last month (one reason why I am smiling, but credit also to the handsome photographer making me laugh ;). While taking time to breath and reflect on the beach, I came across a few profound quotes on Instagram by @candacereels (specifically, this and this). And just like that, my mantra for 2019 became clear:

Absolutely no settling, and nothing toxic in my life.

This includes food, career, friendships/relationships, thoughts, etc. As paraphrased from the quotes: genuinely ask yourself why settle, and what you get out of that? Aren’t we all too busy for this anyway? And don’t you deserve better than that, always?

The more we practice focusing on positive energy, the the easier it becomes to manifest it in our lives. Selecting a theme or intention rather than a New Year's resolution is a gentle way to inspire positivity in our lives. Regardless of whether we have a specific goal in mind or want to inspire change in our lives, it appreciates that we are all a work in progress.

Please comment below on your intention, word(s) or theme for the year! 

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