Parent's Guide to Childcare


Deciding who will care for your child can be heart wrenching! Finding the right childcare provider can be very stressful and often takes a significant amount of time and energy.

Only you will be able to decide whether it’s best for you to stay at home to care for your baby, or return to work after your baby is born – whether it’s immediately following delivery, after maternity leave, or when your child is older. Depending on the age of your child (or children) and financial circumstances, it may be best for your family to hire a nanny, or take your child to a day home or daycare. Sharing a nanny with another family may be a good option, especially if you each have one child or if you only require part time care.

This guide highlights important considerations to help you make more informed childcare decisions for you and your family.


Finding suitable childcare

5 tips for finding suitable childcare (and what to ask!)

5 things I've learned going from SAHM to WOH mom


The nanny route

Things you should know if you plan to hire a nanny

About nanny sharing

Sample interview questions for a nanny

Sample daily activities chart

Sample nanny agreement

Sample nanny pay statement