Best Baby Monitors


If you've ever gone shopping for a baby monitor then you'll know how absolutely overwhelming the whole process can be. Not only are there hundreds, if not thousands of options available but you have to trust that the one you buy is actually going to be reliable. I've had the unfortunate experience of two baby monitors (both reputable brands) breaking down on me which was stressful and something I didn't really have time to deal with!

As parents we don't always have time or energy to do all of the brand research ourselves, especially when we have a newborn at home. Plus, why reinvent the wheel, right? 

Naturally, went in search of a reputable resource that actually sat down with parents to find out which baby monitor features really mattered and personally tested top devices on the market. It was important to us that they looked for options that offer high-quality video and sound features, but most importantly which monitors gave parents the greatest peace of mind. We also vetted their list of recommended monitors with what our girlfriends have used and are currently using, and everyone agreed!

Thanks to The Best Baby Monitor, A Busy Parent's Best Friend (, we narrowed down our recommended choices to three top monitors that work for all parents! We like that there's a quick review of each of the three baby monitors as well as a more lengthy discussion for those of us that want to know more. 

We have two important pieces of advice for parents who are looking for the right baby monitor. First, for those of us who have childcare providers, or for those times when family members are watching our little ones for us, the option for remote access to see what's going on while you're away is really nice. Also, if you are concerned about your baby's breathing, seriously consider the recommended Angelcare monitor with a motion-sensitive pad that alerts you to changes in your baby’s breathing. A word of caution from parents who have used this monitor is that you should expect to have false alarms, so try not to panic every time you hear the alert!

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