Best Cold-Pressed Juicing Machine

If you've read Top five tips for making great tasting juice, then you already know I'm a huge proponent of drinking cold-pressed juice daily, that I've made myself. I love the health benefits and that my daughters like to help out (while snacking on fresh, organic vegetables!).

Finding the best juicer for you and your family

More about my story and choices below, this post is about helping us all find a suitable juicing machine for our families based on considerations that matter most to each of us. I recently came across a post that does just that! 

For key factors to consider when looking for a juicing machine that meets the needs and preferences of your family, check out How to Choose a Juicer, According to Science – 12 Factors to Consider.

My fave and runners up

When I was trying to decide on a juicing machine for my family nutritional value mattered most and the choice was simple... I purchased the Norwalk juicer to help support my then-husband's immune system while he underwent months of traditional cancer treatment.  

Then I got hooked on it! And if I ever needed to purchase a new juicing machine there's no doubt I would splurge again – the deliciously pure juice is totally worth the price and monthly time commitment! If I was interested in purchasing a less expensive juicer, I would likely opt for the Champion 2000+ Juicer or an Omega masticating juicer, based on my family's direct experiences. See my post for what I looked for in a juicer and why (I also consulted with Dr. Pamela Smith, ND before purchasing).

Please comment below on what juicing machines you like and why!