Bébé au Lait Nursing Cover


Luxury or Necessity

This nursing cover is Calmmother approved as a necessity for Mom's who are breastfeeding or expressing milk (only if you prefer to cover up of course!). It offers comfort and peace of mind when feeding at home, at work or on the go. The beautiful patterns add some flare to a disheveled new Mom look.

I wish I had come across Bébé au Lait's classy nursing cover when I had my first baby because it was so much better than the other brands I've tried. It helps take away your worries about privacy when breastfeeding (and expressing or pumping milk) no matter where you are - and it's pretty!
Pros and Cons

Not only can you discretely check on your baby while she's breastfeeding (or see how much milk you've pumped), the extra airflow offered by the open neckline of this nursing cover is welcome for both Mom and baby. The adjustable neck strap was also convenient – I liked that I didn't have to tie it in a bow at the back of my neck each time I put it on. I just slipped it over my head and voila – and I just left the waist tie loose so I didn't have to do it up every time I used it. 

The downside with this nursing cover is that it doesn't fold up as small because of the open neckline. It can be a bit frustrating to find space for it when you're on the go with a stocked diaper bag especially if your toting around a breastpump (which I did when I was expressing milk at work after my baby was born)! But this challenge is definitely offset by the fact that I felt like I was wearing a stylish and comfy t-shirt that offered me and my baby lots of privacy. 

Where You Can Get This Product

Most baby store retailers sell the Bébé au Lait Nursing Cover. You can also order it through the company's website. For convenience, you can order it below (this is not a paid advertisement). These and other products are also available through the Calmmother aStore.