Diaper bags (by Dwell Studio)


Luxury or Necessity

Dwell Studio diaper bags are Calmmother approved as a luxury for Mom's on the go. The classic look of these bags go well with most outfits (for both men and women). They also have lots of pockets to help keep things organized, they are durable, and great for travel. And, you can continue to use these bags after your babies grow into toddlers and beyond!

But at Calmmother, we don't really think this or any other diaper bag we've tried is an absolute necessity...
Pros and Cons

We consider diaper bags to be luxury item because we find it easier and more convenient to use our purses on a day to day basis when toting around our babies, toddlers and big kids. The exceptions to this are travelling (i.e., if you need a carry on bag for an airplane or a bag for in the car on a road trip), or if you are going on an outing to a place like the beach and you have a few extras (like towels, hats and sunglasses, etc.). A fully packed diaper bag can also be helpful if you are trading off with your partner in terms of taking your child out of the home -- transitioning items from one bag into another is extra work and can be unnecessarily time consuming -- it's easy to forget things in the transition! 

The nice thing about having a diaper bag like one of these is that they have some really handy pockets so that you can quickly grab what you need. If you're anything like me (and like to be really organized), then you will likely appreciate the ability to organize all of the paraphernalia in your diaper bag. Another benefit of a buying a diaper bag is that they often come with added features like wet bags, change pads and stroller hooks. 

This diaper bag checklist is helpful for determining must haves and nice haves when on the go with your little one.

Where You Can Get This Product

Most baby store retailers sell a variety of diaper bags. For convenience, you can order the diaper bags below (this is not a paid advertisement). These and other products we like are available through the Calmmother aStore.