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I used to give my daughter snacks in an ice cube tray, a variety of stuff in every space. She LOVED it and it kept her content for a while.


When you are having difficulty brushing or flossing your children's teeth, try telling them that you are looking for something like their favorite cartoon characters (i.e., Cinderella and her lost slipper or Thomas the train and friends, etc.). We have found a number of things in our son's mouth over the years, including wrenches, screwdrivers as well as Lightening McQueen and other Cars characters. When brushing teeth is a game, it makes things so much more enjoyable!


For getting kids to tell their left from their right shoe, cut a sticker in half and put it inside the proper shoe. When they have them right, the sticker will look put together.


Freeze yogurt tubes - kids love them and think they're popsicles.


For my older kids, I'll dedicate one section or shelf (usually lower) in the fridge for snacks, like cut up fruit, yogurt, pre-made sandwiches, or even pre-filled water bottles filled with juice or water. It promotes independence and frees up your hands for other kids or chores.


Always have a change of clothes in your diaper bag with a dirty clothes bag or ziplock bag to take home clothes that may have been soiled. Keep a back up diaper and change of clothes in the car - my kids used to get car sick, and a couple of times I was caught with no diaper in my bag!


I bought "monster spray" when my daughter was having bad dreams. It was filled with lavender. She loves it! You could make your own bottle, decorate it and call it whatever you want.


When I'm making spaghetti, shepherd's pie, soup or other meal that can be frozen, I'll double the recipe so that I can freeze it and use it later on in the week to save time and have a quick dinner. When I'm feeling motivated (lol) I'll also cook a huge batch of ground beef or chicken breast to save in fridge or freezer. That way I can quickly use it for tacos, chicken salad, or spaghetti sauce, etc.


There are toothbrushes that play songs when you brush. My daughter loves hers and it teaches them how long they are meant to brush their teeth for.


An effective way to get rid of cradle cap - before your baby's bath, put baby oil on her scalp. Then, using a small comb, gently comb her scalp in each direction to get rid of the dry skin.


To prevent spills, buy cups with straws that can't be pulled out or add your own spiral straw so kids can't pull them out.


To sooth a crying younger baby or newborn, run the tap. I know it sounds crazy but it worked with all three of our babies. Something about the noise soothes them!


Try coconut, grape seed, olive or almond oil rather than lotion for dry skin, especially in the winter - it's  great for adults, kids and babies!


When your child no longer needs a nap, have a quiet time. Some people have quiet time for 30 minutes each day. If you do this, it's good to start it as soon as your child starts napping and stick with it.

If your baby is congested or has a bad chest cold, I find it helps to run the shower really hot and stand in the bathroom with the door closed holding the baby. The steam helps to clear up the mucus in their chests.


Our daughter really didn't like us washing or combing her hair so we named the persistent knot in her hair to lighten things up at bath/shower time and whenever we needed to comb her hair. By getting rid of "the knot" every day, it made washing and combing her hair so much easier.


I put a variety snacks in a basket so that if my older child wanted something when I was busy, she could grab it herself. I also had one with activity stuff (crafts, blocks, etc.).


Tip for an easy way to administer eye drops for a toddler or preschooler - start by getting your child to lie down holding her favorite toy or stuffy and close her eyes. Put the drops in the inner corner of the eyes. Have your child open her eyes and wait a couple minutes before she gets up. The eye drops will naturally drain into her eyes.


Want to avoid topical steroid creams for eczema? Calendula cream can be helpful, especially on small patches. Ask your Naturopathic Doctor about it.


Tetra packs are great if you are on the go. They are pretty much mess free because kids drink from them right from the pack. I use Baby Gourmet but there are a lot on the market now.


When you need to clean your child's ears, pretend that you are getting rid of carrots. This makes it much more fun.


Put a cupcake holder around a popsicle stick to prevent dripping.


Tip for if you want to feed your child a banana mess free. Leave the peel on and cut it in half then feed it to your child using a small spoon. It makes the banana sort of creamy and kids like the hollowed out banana once it is done.


If you are having trouble getting your toddler or preschooler to eat veggies, especially ones that are harder for kids to eat like kale and spinach, throw them in smoothies with berries, apples or bananas. The fruit masks the taste of these veggies. Sometimes, I'll throw these smoothies into popsicle molds for homemade healthy popsicles.


Use a pool noodle under a fitted sheet to keep toddlers from rolling off their bed when travelling. They are easy to find, pack and are cheap. Take a small piece of pool noodle and cut it in half length wise to prevent door slams too!


Looking reasonably priced childcare that is convenient? Consider sharing a nanny with another family, especially if you each have one child or only require part time care.


Put an apron or shoe organizer over the back of the chair in a vehicle. That way your children can access snacks or activity stuff without needing you. It also protects the back of the car seats from getting dirty.


Booger suckers are a real life saver when your baby has a cold.


I always have crayons and and activity book in a diaper bag for those unexpected waits or trips to a restaurant.