CallaBell Jewelry offers a wide selection of handcrafted jewelry created with gemstones and charms. They are created to inspire your spirit and bring healing and positive energy to the wearer. Wearing CallaBell Jewelry's elegant designs will make you look and feel amazing!

A few handmade pieces made by this up and coming Canadian jewelry designer are shown below but there are many more radiant necklaces, bracelets and earings to see. CallaBell Jewelry is available at certain yoga and fitness studios as well as at local retailers, trade shows and events in Canada.

Perfect for everyday wear, work as well as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding parties and other special milestones. There are also special gem stones and designs for Mothers and Moms-to-be!

Follow CallaBell Jewelry on Facebook or visit Etsy to view the available styles or contact the designer through their website for a custom order.